making image galleries...

I am the "webmaster" for a small group, and occasionally we need to post pictures from our events. I can make my own thumbnails and things, but it would be much easier to have a little program that makes the thumbs and puts them in a table in a web page and makes all the links right. There are a bunch of things available, like www.simplethumbs.de, but none of the ones I've looked at really do a great job. The main problems I've had are with the directory structure. SimpleThumbs does a good job with that, but is limited and makes pretty low-quality thumbnails. PhotoPage by J. Vink has several nice features, including adding comments/captions to the pictures, but you have to be real careful about making the local files compatible with the directory structure on your server (if they're different, which they are in this case). If you mess that up, it is annoying to have to change all the links in all the files. So if anyone knows of a better image gallery maker for Mac OS X, please let me know.

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