Could reason actually win?

We often like to think our country is founded on the idea that all people are created equal. This of course is actually just a nice line from the Declaration of Independence, and the idea is not necessarily echoed in the Constitution, at least not as explicitly. That technicality aside, I think it is a good starting point for a republic to admit that everyone in the society is equal under the law (think Magna Carta, but for everybody).

Today a Californian judge actually thought this through and came to an obvious decision: it goes against the California constitution to ban same-sex marriage. Here's a link to the NYTimes.com article: The New York Times > National > California Court Rules Same-Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

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cyn said...

It's about time. The agruement that a gay couples'marrige lessens my marriage in some way is absurd. I have more respect (though still so little) for the stance that it is just morally wrong than for the idea that it erodes the institution of marriage. It will be interesting to see the more conservative states begin scurrying to shore up their constitutional defences.