Lovelock has a new book

Thanks to Renee for pointing out Jame Lovelock's latest essay to promote his new book [LINK]. Apparently instead of angering the earth, only to be crushed as it rebels against it, humans have made earth sick enough that it might go into a coma. I'm not making this up, it is in the essay.

This will probably set the mark for the most extreme serious climate change scenarios for this decade, giving us a feel for what the upper limit is right now. Of course, if we don't seriously think about what is happening, this extreme scenario might actually come to pass. Maybe not in 100 years, but maybe 150 or 200 years.


( I can't wait for the movie. I hope it is better than The Day After Tomorrow.)

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Derek said...

It's never going to be a movie.

Unfortunately it may be reality, and not in 200 years, in less than 50.

Don't drive cars, don't fly, don't use fossil fuels at all if you can help it.

We need to reduce our current output of CO2 by 90% to avert disaster.

Read about global warming. There is no more serious issue.