Paradise lost.... and gone forever?

Today we can take a break from worrying about humans causing climate change. Instead, let's take a look at humans poisoning themselves and their planet. In a story in the LA Times, Gary Polakovic reports on the dismal quality of the air in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks [LINK]. The pollution, much of it ozone and NOx (apparently), is wafted into the moutains from the San Joaquin Valley below. I don't really think I need to comment on this, except to say that our society really should address these kinds of problems. Remember the old saying, it's a dirty bird that spoils its own nest.


Saheli said...

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Central Valley pollution is a huge problem. I spent a couple days in Fresno last summer, and I was amazed at how incredibly car-friendly it was. The inefficiencies of intrastate Amtrak only worsens the problem--Bay Area and LA folks who'd like to just take the train to Yosemite or UC Merced find it terribly slow. But the CV is our own internal red state, and I think we (BA/LA) need to start paying it more attention and coaxing it to be more blue.

renee said...

if only they'd get started on the California High-Speed Rail System