Let's party like it's 2005!

Okay, one more while my iMac is compiling things...

This year we have an extra second to savour (yeah, it looks British, doesn't it) the sweet year that has been 2005. Yes, a leap second has been announced, to be added to the final moments of the year [LINK]. The extra second is added to make up for small variations in the length of day (i.e., Earth's rotation).

How will you spend your bonus time?


renee said...

Prince should just put out a new '1999' every year with the appropriate year inserted instead of 1999. That song was so great.

Anonymous said...

a whole freakin second. Just one second. this extra time should clearly be utilized to pound a shot. If it's been a good year, perhaps some tequila and lime or a lemon drop. If it's been a bad year, then clearly a cement mixer will be in order.