It doesn't relate to the things I usually post here, but this is too cool not to mention. Some folks at Cornell have made a robot that reproduces itself! Yes, all our dreams have come true. Okay, well, it isn't quite that good, since all it does is reproduce itself, and it can only do that in idealized conditions. It is still a very impressive demonstration. The future applications are endless, once the technology (hardware & sofware) advances. The story can be found on wired.com, and is written by Stephen Leahy [LINK].


renee said...

I heard about this on the radio this morning... there are still some crucial parts I don't understand. To clone itself, the robot has to be "fed" robot parts. But in space (which is what I believe is the implied application for these bots) the robots will have to haul around parts to clone themselves. Those parts will have to be sent into space with the original robots, which begs the question, why not just send complete robots?

Esme said...