I'm moving to Canada

In yet another good decision, the Canadians have struck a deal between the "auto industry" and the government. Apparently they've come to an understanding which will promote less disgusting vehicles [LINK]. Honestly, this sounds really amazingly good, but I don't know from this story exactly what kind of auto industry really exists in Canada. The story makes it seem like an important part of the economy, but I'm not aware of any Canadian cars... but that's just because I haven't moved there yet. I can't wait, but I guess I'll have to buy a jacket.


pitpat said...

If you move to Vancouver, the coat you have is fine(although you'll probably need a rain jacket too).

Krian Bahn said...

Another reason to move to Canada, or shall we say, somewhere west of the Dateline?


michaelm said...

Wow, that's impressive that they reached the deal 'voluntarily.' I can hardly imagine the US auto-industry coming close to such a widespread gesture of goodwill toward the environment. We have plenty to learn from our northern neighbors (paying attention is another issue).